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The Master of Business Administration Program is designed to prepare students to become business leaders with in-depthunderstanding of multi-national working atmosphere by instilling them with comprehension of diverse cultures, politics, economies, and social and environmental issues of the global business communities.

To achieve what it aimed, the program has created a new scholastic paradigm that enables students to familiarize the multi-faceted business operations around the world, most especially in the Asia-Pacific region which plays an important role in the global economy nowadays. To facilitate its goal of diverse learning, the program offers learning instructions from competent and experienced Thai and foreign professors packed with global experience in assorted disciplines. Innovative teaching strategies are used to stimulate students’ receptivity to new ideas and improve their problem solving skills

Qualification Requirements

  1. Hold a baccalaureate or equivalent from education institution accredited by authorized Thai government agencies.
  2. Proficient in English communication
    • 2.1. Obtained TOEFL score with at least 60 (IBT) or its equivalent. Or
    • 2.2. Completed Bachelor degree from program with English as medium of instruction. Or
    • 2.3. Obtained KBU English Test score at least 40. Or
    • 2.4. Be a citizen of country with English as official language.
    • Applicants fail to meet determined English proficient criteria must complete the IntensiveEnglish Course.


The selection process will be carried out by the International Program committee and is subject to the criteria as follows:

  1. Grade point average earned during the bachelor degree program.
  2. Proficient level of English communication
  3. KBU-MBA IP Admission Test
  4. Interview assessment

Program Duration

The Two-Years MBA Program is designed in block course module. Classes are conducted on weekend with English language as medium of instruction. Study tours in Thailand and oversea are arranged to intensify students’ exposure to variety of business world.

  • Semester 1: June - September
  • Semester 2: November – February

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